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So you think you can "vet"!

Scenes of a well-known past…
It’s Saturday morning and you are happily running and playing with your dog in your childhood house backyard. You are around 5 or 6 years old. Next, your mom kindly looking at your reaction says:
“Ohh, look at him…so cute! He loves animals. I am sure he will be a vet!”
Sounds familiar to you? Have you ever heard something like this? I am pretty sure all veterinarians have heard stories like this, or probably were living characters in this common scenery of their vet lives!
This passion called Veterinary Medicine is really one of the most ancient feelings in our emotional life that lead us to this wonderful career choice that will be part of our days for a long time then.
Scenes of our present lives…
Now we are adults. Professionals working hours and hours, fighting against diseases and trying to defeat death whenever possible. Dealing with challenging pet owners and staying awake during vet night shifts. The latter sometimes being a sort of nightmare with emerge…

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